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celfCloud Browser
Entdecke Webseiten
in Deinem lokalen WIFI Netz

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the idea behind celf.io?

Publish relevant web sites inside your local network so everyone beeing able to join the network can see the services and open them in the browser.
No need to enter links or to scan QR-Codes.

New devices that publish their service are visible immediately after thery are connected to the local network.

What is celfCloud Browser?

celfCloud Browser is an iOS app for iPhone and iPad to see services published via Bonjour and open them in Safari.

I don't see any services in celfCloud Browser?

You have to be in a WIFI network to see services.
In case no services are published, you can try one of the methods described below.

Publish Services from the terminal

On Apple's OS X you can use the command dns-sd to quickly publish a service.

Let's assume you have a joomla system running on port 8080 then use this command on that machine:

dns-sd -R "My Joomla System" _http._tcp local 8080

You can even publish an external page like google not running on that machine

dns-sd -P google _http._tcp local 80 www.google.com localhost

The same command is available on windows after you install Apple's Bonjour for Windows

On Linux you can use the packages avahi and avahi-utils to achieve the same:

avahi-publish-address -s raspi _http._tcp 8080
avahi-publish --host www.google.com -s raspigoogle _http._tcp 80 

For developers

There is a sample on github written in Javascript for nodejs that publishes four simple web sites.

This serves as a starting point to learn about publishing and how celfCloud Browser searches for fav icons and titles.
With this, it should be possible to enhance your web application.